Lama Live! with Charlotte Rotterdam

Charlotte Rotterdam opens the event with an invitation to sit together, to feel the Earth, release any tension and connect with the motivation for the time together. Then she unveils the topic for this gathering, opening it with a personal story of a deep solitary retreat experience in relation to the turmoil of the world. It is followed by the teachings on Tröma and Avalokiteshvara, uncovering what it is to love more fiercely, and why practice and loving is profoundly courageous. 

One thought on “Lama Live! with Charlotte Rotterdam

  1. Dear Charlotte and Pieter,
    I hope this finds you both well. I am in the process of downsizing and am donating copies of my book, The Female Buddha: Discovering the Heart of Wisdom and Love, to buddhist organizations and teachers to distribute however they like. I am grateful that Tara Mandala offered me the opportunity to photograph the Tara statues numerous years ago and her lovely image is in the book with a quote from Yeshe Tsogyal. Please let me know if your organization and/or Tara Mandala would be interested (The Tara Mandala gift shop accepted copies when it came out in 2012).

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