Lama Live! with Charlotte Rotterdam and Pieter Oosthuizen

The event opens with raising Bodhicitta and setting our motivation to listen in order to benefit all beings, followed by prayer requests for those in need. Lopon Charlotte and Pieter then respond to and answer questions from participants. While answering questions, Pieter and Lopon Charlotte teach on quotes from the 11th century master, Machig Labdron which include self-compassion, the Great Mother, the experience of suffering, and on discipline in meditation.

Pieter then guides us in a beautiful calm-abiding meditation, followed by an experience of resting in open-awareness. They both then close the practice with well-wishes and dedication of any merit gained during these precious teachings and practice together. 

00:51 – Opening & Welcome by Drimé Lopon Charlotte and Pieter Oosthuizen 

7:40 – Opening and Generating our Motivation to Benefit All Beings 

11:44 – Prayer Requests 

13:17 – Q&A 

17:30 – Pieter Teaches on a Quote From Machig Labdron on suffering

22:15 – Lopon Charlotte Answers Questions 

30:15 – Lopon Charlotte gives a teaching From Machig Labdron on The Great Mother 

33:50 – Question and Teaching on Self-Compassion 

48:35 – Pieter Gives a Teaching on a Quote from Machig Labdron on Meditation 

56:19 – Pieter Guides us in a Calm-Abiding Meditation and Open-Awareness Practice 

1:08:00 – Closing Remarks and Dedicating all the Merit 

1:12:05 – Closing Comments by Drimé

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