Storm cloudsPsychospiritual Counseling

Mentoring can help guide you over certain hurdles in your life, allowing you to find creative language and develop positive thinking patterns that can open new vistas of personal growth. The unique process of Feeding your Demons is a powerful tool to help you work through specific issues, obstacles and fears that constrict and inhibit the full blossoming of your potential. By facing and nurturing the darker aspects of yourself, you can bring compassion to your life and allow your image of self to expand. Our demons are actually untapped wisdom waiting to be uncovered. As you  foster a more spacious view of yourself and the world around you, you are able to engage with your life with more courage and joy, turning obstacles into creative opportunities.

Our Role as Mentors

Our role is to guide you in your own process of turning demons into wisdom. We offer a safe and trusting container in which you can explore your personal landscape and guide you through the demon feeding process in a supportive and constructive manner. Our goal is to help you work with your present situation in a creative way and to  facilitate the discovery of your own inner wisdom.

Our Approach

We offer our guidance with the belief that each person has unique and complete wisdom within their being. The process of uncovering that wisdom is a spiritual path that involves self-inquiry and a willingness to reexamine long-held views and behavior patterns. Our work is framed within this spiritual context and we offer our guidance as fellow travelers on the path.

Personal Mentoring

Personal mentoring allows you to work one-on-one to address particular challenges or ‘demons’ in your life. Over the course of our sessions we will attempt to bring clarity to the nature of your demon/s and, using the demon feeding process, begin to transform these aspects into creative insight. Some core demons may need more time to be completely transformed, while others can be liberated in one session. If appropriate, we will build a variety of ‘demon maps’ which track the interconnected nature of personal or family demons in order to give you greater perspective on your work and development.

Couples Mentoring

Working with you individually and as a couple, using the demon feeding process and dialogue, we will identify and feed the demons that hinder the full potential of your relationship. The path of relationship is a profound practice which allows us to learn and grow exponentially, if we take the time and effort to glean the insights that can arise through addressing obstacles and tensions. Feeding your Demons is a powerful modality to unlock the teachings of your partnership, one you can share with each other for current and future issues. You may choose to work with one or both of us together for couples mentoring.