Feeding Your Demons

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Pieter Oosthuizen and Charlotte Rotterdam

What is Feeding your Demons?

Feeding your Demons is a profound process for working with the fears, obstacles and constrictions in our personal and professional lives in order to transform them into insight, wisdom and creativity. The 5-step visualization process is based on the view that it is only through actually nurturing or feeding the darker aspects of our lives that we can glean the positive potential lying dormant within them. By offering our ‘demons’ what they truly need, we allow them to transform into allies that can bring unparalleled benefit to our lives. By fostering vast compassion for all aspects of ourselves, as well as for others, this process brings alignment and integration to the complete spectrum of our being and potential.

The process of Feeding your Demons was developed by Lama Tsultrim Allione, author of Feeding your Demons: Ancient Wisdom for Resolving Inner Conflict (Little Brown, 2008). Drawing on ancient Tibetan Buddhist practices and teachings, the process was developed to make the wisdom of these teachings accessible and applicable within a modern, secular context. It has been used in personal and professional settings world-wide, from psychotherapy and medical care to organizational development and conflict resolution.

What We Offer: Mentoring, Organizational Consulting, and Trainings

Personal and Couples Mentoring:
Feeding your Demons is a powerful tool to help you meet your inner and outer challenges with compassion and mindfulness, and to draw out their hidden wisdom. As guides, we offer a safe context within which to work with this process in order to develop greater understanding and awareness about yourself and others, change old patterns, and bring spacious joy to your life.

Trainings and Group Facilitation
We offer talks, weekend trainings and longer term retreats teaching the Feeding your Demons process and its underlying philosophical and spiritual context.
We are available to work with your group to facilitate a Feeding your Demons session of various lengths.