Skymind: The Path of Open Awareness (Online Course)

with Pieter Oosthuizen and Charlotte Rotterdam

October 22 to December 17, 2021 (One session per week)


Join us for this 8-week online course

Once one’s mind is recognized for sure, there’s no need to establish buddha from elsewhere.


Don’t search, don’t practice; rest in your nature.

Machig Labdrön – 11th century Tibetan yogini

How do we “recognize” our mind? What does it mean to “rest?” How do we open to the fullness of life that includes hardship and pain as well as brilliance and joy?

Following on last year’s popular course, we return for a deeper dive into Machig’s verses on the nature of mind, offered both to those new to these teachings and as a deepening for those who attended last year’s program.  

Machig is unequivocal in her insistence that our truest nature, the very ground of being, is not be found elsewhere than our very own mind. Her powerful teaching reminds us to turn towards our innate wakefulness: the expanse of primordial awareness which is ever-present and always accessible. This simple yet direct invitation to discover the “nature of mind” in every moment lies at the heart of this online offering.

No matter what sickness occurs in the manifesting circumstances, know that each one is a training exercise.

With gentleness and precision, Machig supports our path of awakened compassion.  

Our sessions include teachings, reflections and discussions on several of Machig’s verses drawn from source texts. We will guide contemplations to bring these profound instructions to bear on everyday life; engage various progressive methods for cultivating attention; and introduce Skymind Practice to access and support open awareness, resting the mind in its natural expanse.

What Will I Learn?
  • Engage with a deep experiential dive into the heart of Machig’s teachings as a pathway to reconnect with the luminous ground of being.
  • Gain a set of nuanced techniques and mind training tools that can be integrated into daily life and practice.
  • Experience Open Awareness meditation in which you recognize and stabilize the wakeful mind – clear, vast and brilliant.
Who Is This Course For?
  • This online course supports both the experienced practitioner and the beginning meditator in accessing the radiance of open awareness.
  • Individuals who desire to integrate their practice of ‘nature of mind’ into their daily experience.
  • This Open Awareness meditation training will complement and strengthen the deepening of your existing practices. 
  • This program is open and accessible to all. There are no prerequisites.
  • For those who attended the course last year, this year’s course will offer a deepening with teachings on verses not covered previously.
Program Includes:
  • Eight weeks of 2 hour live webcast teachings with Pieter and Charlotte.
  • Video and audio recordings of each webcast.
  • One year of access to the program.
  • Deferred Payment Plans and Scholarships

Please see this Tara Mandala page for further information

Course Content

Each week’s live session will include:

  • Teachings by Pieter & Charlotte on:
    • Introduction and contemplation of Machig’s slogans. We will progress through a variety of slogans over the course of 8 weeks, ranging from more absolute, nature of mind teachings, to pith instructions for working with awareness, to guidance on integrating vast view into everyday life. 
  • Mind training techniques for heightening and honing attention, and cultivating awareness. These techniques will progressively build on each other over the progression of the course. 
  • Training in Open Awareness Meditation.
  • Q & A and an opportunity for participant reflections.
Live Webcast Schedule

Fridays 9:00 to 11:00 am Mountain Time

October 22, October 29, November 5, November 12, November 19, December 3, December 10, December 17

(Please note there is no Live Webcast on November 26)