The Suffering of Busyness

I recently heard about a study that found that “busyness” is the new status symbol. I grew up with images of the rich and powerful lounging on a long white beach, drink in-hand and not a care in the world. Now it seems that you prove your social standing by flaunting the number of engagements, commitments and responsibilities you have on any given day. The study showed that this is as true among the working class as it is for the middle and upper-middle classes. I have to admit: too often I find myself commiserating with a friend about my long to-do lists, my numerous and scattered work duties, child care needs, the dirty house, my forever overflowing inbox… It’s an easy – and seemingly always accurate – answer to “how are you?” Busy, busy, busy. Like we all are… … More The Suffering of Busyness

Conscious Leadership:

The Retitled and Expanded Version by Pieter Oosthuizen and Charlotte Rotterdam The practice of Conscious Leadership, in essence, challenges the leader to re-examine and re-evaluate the very notion of self and the worldview that necessarily follows from our conceptions of self.  If our image of self is very narrowly defined, we tend toward more fear-based … More Conscious Leadership:

Feeding Your Demons: Spiritual Intelligence in Business Interview

A conversation between Joshua Onysko, Founder and CEO of Pangea Organics, and Pieter Oosthuizen, Entrepreneur and former Asst. Vice President at Naropa University and Executive Director of Tara Mandala Buddhist Retreat Center. Feeding Your Demons is a method, developed by Lama Tsultrim Allione, for turning one’s obstacles into wisdom. … More Feeding Your Demons: Spiritual Intelligence in Business Interview