The Practice of Motherhood by Charlotte Rotterdam

This article appeared online in Mandala Magazine, January 2010

As I entered motherhood, I had to ask myself whether there would any longer be space for spiritual practice, or whether the spacious silence of contemplation would be altogether drowned out by baby cries and too many loads of dirty laundry. Ironically, I found the opposite to be true, for in the calls of mothering I met the lessons of the teachings in a more direct way than I had hitherto. As a mother, I have had to call on my practice in the most unlikely of situations and places – in the midst of changing a diaper or in the busy rush of a grocery aisle. 

The Tantric Buddhist tradition, of course, offers us many wonderful stories of householders who found realization through the most mundane of chores. Read more…


Conscious Leadership

By Pieter Oosthuizen and Charlotte Rotterdam

The practice of Conscious Leadership, in essence, challenges the leader to re-examine and re-evaluate the very notion of self and the worldview that necessarily follows from our conceptions of self.  If our image of self is very narrowly defined, we tend toward more fear-based views of the world around us; when we invest in the idea of a self with more permeable boundaries functioning within an interdependent world, our worldview becomes more fluid and contextual. Instead of arising from fear and self-preservation, our business decisions are inspired by collaboration and possibility. In an interdependent world, the driving force is creative collaboration rather than straight-up competition, and sustained authenticity is the ultimate achievement.  Read more…


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