Skymind: The Path of Open Awareness – Online Course

Sundays, October 2-November 20, 2022

With Charlotte Rotterdam and Pieter Oosthuizen

Skymind is an invitation into the lived experience of the Nature of Mind – the vast, potent and radiant nature of reality. Though ultimately beyond words or concept, this ground of being is immanently accessible to us, given that it is our very own nature.

Since there is no path to traverse,
Rest in the basic ground, noble child.

Guided by pith teachings from the 11th century Tibetan yogini Machig Labdrön, we explore ways to access this ground and make it count in our daily lives. You’ll receive a variety of attention and awareness practices, as well as a Skymind Meditation. As a path of awakened compassion, Skymind applies Buddhist psychology to the nuances of emotional and mental states, and offers various techniques to meet whatever arises in our personal and shared human experience.

From the realm of phenomena’s great expanse of clarity
any thoughts and memories whatsoever may arise.

When we awaken to our sky-like nature, we recognize that we can – and must – include everything in the totality of our being. We can meet every moment with a heart of unending compassion and a mind as vast as space.

Each week’s live session will include:

  • Teachings by Pieter & Charlotte:
    • We will progress through a variety of teachings over the course of 8 weeks, ranging from more absolute nature of mind teachings, to instructions for working with attention and awareness, to guidance on integrating vast view into everyday life. We’ll work with a series of Machig Labdrön’s verses, drawn from source texts.
  • Exploration of Buddhist psychology and ways of navigating difficult emotions and challenging states of mind with compassionate awareness. 
  • Mind training techniques for heightening and honing attention, and cultivating awareness. These techniques will progressively build on each other over the duration of the course. 
  • Training in Open Awareness Meditation.
  • Q & A and opportunities for participant reflections and group discussions. 
  • Online discussion forum to continue sharing reflections between live meetings. 
  • For those who attended the course last year, this year’s course will offer a deepening with teachings on verses not covered previously. 

Program Schedule 

The live webcasts will be held on:
Sundays, 11:00am to 1:00pm; October 2, 2022- November 20, 2022 
All times are posted in Mountain Time. Click here to see how this converts to your time zone.
Access to the recordings will be available for one year. 

Tiered-Prices: $335, $515, $618

You can register and find more information on Tara Mandala’s website here:

One thought on “Skymind: The Path of Open Awareness – Online Course

  1. I just applied for scholarship to attend this bc I see it’s on Sunday afternoons (here) so I could attend… Thanks for sending it. 🙏

    Chessy 🙂

    Website: Instagram: chessyyoga

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